1. Organizations

1) Guiding Units

China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition Organizing Committee Office

2) Hosting Units

China Resources, China Xiongan Group Co., Ltd

3) Organizing Units

CR Working Group of Xiongan New Area

CR Land Xiongan Shijiazhuang

4) Co-organizing Units

China Resources University

Institute for China Sustainable Urbanization, Tsinghua University

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation the 15th Research Institute

Z-Park Non-Governmental Science Technology Entrepreneurs Association

Peking University

Renmin University of China

University of International Business and Economics

Beijing Jiaotong University

5) Supporting Units

CCI France Chine


Air France-KLM


2. Project Directions

The competition focuses on the core concept of "Green & Intelligent Cities". It revolves around three main directions, namely, intelligent ecological community, healthy urban environment and green & healthy building, including project types such as design and solution, system and application, hardware and products.

1) Intelligent Ecological Community

It refers to the use of 5G, IoT, big data, cloud computing, AI, self-driving and other technologies to provide residents with a safe, comfortable and convenient modern living environment, including but not limited to software and hardware products, services or solutions in the design, planning and shaping of ecological communities, intelligent parks and smart homes;

2) Healthy Urban Environment

It refers to the application of new technologies and new concepts to create a landscape environment for a healthy, friendly and livable living space, including but not limited to software and hardware products, services or solutions in landscape ecological design, intelligent transportation design, sponge city design, new environmental governance, street furniture design and urban microenvironment shaping;

3) Green & Healthy Building

It refers to the utilization of technologies such as energy management and control, environmental inspection, water-saving and energy-saving facilities and equipment, green intelligent construction, new material application, BIM innovative application and operation management, etc., to realize resource saving (including energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving, etc.), environmental protection and pollution reduction in the whole life cycle of the building, including but not limited to software and hardware products, services or solutions provided for offering healthy, comfortable and efficient building space, promoting physical and mental health and improving building health performance.

3. Qualifications

Competing enterprises could aim at seeking opportunities of co-operating with giant and influential enterprises, such as China Resources, in the field of innovation and high-tech R&D to have a win-win result.

1) The entry documents each enterprise submits should accord closely with the direction of "Green & Intelligent Cities".

2) Competing enterprises should engage in the development and manufacturing of high-tech products with innovation and potentiality, and should be willing to co-operate with hosting units and to help with the development of XiongAn New Area.

3) Competing enterprises will be divided into Start-Ups Group and Growing Group. Enterprises registered after 1/1/2019 (included) are qualified to join in Group Start-Ups; enterprises registered before 31/12/2018 (included) can only join in the Growing Group.

i Competing enterprises should engage in the development and manufacturing of hi-tech products, with good reputation and no bad records;

ii Competing enterprises should be unlisted. The operating income in 2019 should be no more than 600 million RMB.

4) Competing enterprises should be innovative and highly-potential, possessing their own intellectual properties and has no relating disputes.

5) For international companies who wish to take part in the event, their companies need to be registered in China mainland.

5) The event will not ask any charges from the participating enterprises, but enterprises should pay their own relating expenses (such as accommodation, travel fees and etc.)

4. Schedule

Due to the COVID-19 and the regulations from the government, the Event will proceed both onsite and online. According to the event arrangement this year, the winning enterprises will not have the free-pass into the national competition.

1)Sign-Up: 13/7/2020 - 15/8/2020

Competing enterprises should sign up on the official site of China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition: http://hrzc.cxcyds.com/. Competing enterprises should submit the required materials, filling in relating information, and be responsible for its authenticity. The official site of China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition is the official channel for signing up.

2)The Preliminary Rounds: 18/8/2020 - 28/8/2020

The preliminary round will be conducted in online form, and the judges will assess competing teams based on their submitted business plans and their supporting materials. Each company will be rated by a committee consisting of experts from the hosting units and relating businesses and other investing organizations. In the preliminary round, each judge has the veto power to knock out any enterprise which does not meet the requirements.

3)Semi-final: 7/9/2020 - 28/10/2020

The rule of the semi-final is "8 + 7", namely, each competitor has 8 minutes to present and 7 minutes to answer questions from the judges. Depending on the circumstances of the epidemic,ifeverything goes smoothly, the semi-final will take place in CR Resources University in Xiongan and the participants will have the chance to join in the university’s innovative courses, and meet up with investors. A total of 20 enterprises will reach the final.

4)Final: 3/11/2020 - 4/11/2020

The final also applies the "8 + 7" rule. Competitors will be asked to give a presentation lasting 8 minutes and show themselves in every way they find appropriate and effective. Then, they will have a Q&A session with the judges. The results will be announced on the spot. The judges are made up of reputable experts in related fields、the investment experts in our company. They will evaluate the companies in a more comprehensive manner, by looking at the company’s product, business plan, team members, business mode, the financial situation and etc.

5. Honours & Awards

1) Honours

The first, second and third prizes will be given with a relating certificate.

2) Awards

The total amount of the awards is 140 thousand RMB. Specifically, one candidate will be given the first prize of 50 thousand RMB, two the second prize of 30 thousand RMB and three the third prize of 10 thousand RMB.

The prizes can be used to 1) rent the office building(s) of China Resources Shijiazhuang, 2) to take part in the course at China Resources University, 3) to host activities at China Resources Hotel Kapok, and to invest in innovative projects.

6. Cooperation Areas

The purpose of this event is to explore the potential of competing enterprises through open competition. The hosting units will take advantage of itself in capitals, platforms and the market to make full use of its innovation materials, in order to co-operate with competing enterprises in project application, tech-connection, and investment etc.

1)Project Application

Competing projects will be given the chance to enlist their entries into the purchase list of China Resources Group; will have the privilege to work with China Resources in major projects, such as Xiongan Green Architecture Exhibition Centre and Shijiazhuang West Avenue.

China Resources' five major businesses area include big consumption, big health, the construction and operation of cities, energy services, and technology and finance, covering dozens of units, and every aspect of people's everyday life. More specifically, CR Land, CR Property, and CR Power are closely related to the Green Intelligent Cities field and can play a role as a platform for the competing entries.


CR Academy of Science and Technology is the communication channel between the global cutting edge technology and the products of China Resources. The Academy will organize a meeting to promote the co-development between the two sides. Moreover,CR Academy of Science and Technology Xiongan Innovation Centre provides labs with customized innovation services.

3)Innovative Education

China Resources University is responsible for the training of innovative talents, and is equipped with well-designed courses and experienced tutors. Specially customized course could be provided by the University for outstanding competing firms to help them withthe talent cultivation and innovative product creation.

CR School of Business is sponsored by China Resources, Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, Deloitte China, and the Boston Consulting Group, aided by the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Business and Economics, based on the industry material of China Resources. Innovative groups will receive priority in enrolling in the School of Business.

4)Recommendation on Investing and Financing

CR Innovation Funds, CR Capital Management, and other giant enterprises and investing organizations will pay full attention on the participating companies, looking for projects with hi-tech elements, intellectual property and high market prospect to co-operate in stock right investing, research and development and other fields.

5)Competition Venue

China Resources University (Xiongan) provides shared venue, where competing enterprises could be located or set branches in Xiongan depending on their willingness.


As the supporting organizations, Air France-KML, CCI France Chine, BenCham ChinaNBTC will provide competing enterprises with international consulting services and introduce European companies who are located and registered in China to co-operate with them, helping them to explore the international market.

As the supporting organizations, Institute for China Sustainable Urbanization, Tsinghua University, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation the 15th Research Institute, Z-Park Non-Governmental Science Technology Entrepreneurs Association, Peking University, Renmin University of China, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing Jiaotong University will take part in the communication with the projects in order to accelerate the incubation of each project.